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Welcome to 2015.  

We live in a world where extraordinary efforts are not always recognized. The nice guy doesn't always win, and what's fair can be a moving target.

When it comes to hard-working composers and musicians, this has been the case for a long time.  The "golden age" of jingles and underscore is long past, it's no longer taboo for major label and indie artists to license their music for TV commercials, stock music is seemingly everywhere, and spare but a few commercial music houses have long laid off their staff composers and have moved to working with freelancers.

So, what are music-makers to do?

How can they compete in our fast-changing, hyper-competitive industry?

How do they get their best creative work heard?

Should we even care?

The answer is yes.

Music is subjective, but talent is undeniable, and sometimes the cream needs a little boost in order to rise to the top so we can all continue to benefit and push the creative limits of our industry for our clients benefit.

The best has yet to be heard.

The Union Music Library (UML) is built by union composers for union composers and its purpose is to highlight some of the best television commercial composers and get their premium music tracks into the hands of advertising agencies who value the experience and creative outcomes of working with people who live and breathe music for TV commercials.

We don't have a gazillion tracks, we don't have studios . . . we have an "ear selected" library of what we believe are some of the best music selects from our industry's well sought after composers that have not yet found a home and we make it available to you at a discount so we can pass on our savings of "working direct" with our team.

Enjoy and let us know how we can help make your next TV commercial sound amazing!