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Union FAQ

Q:  Isn't this almost like getting free demos?    

A:  Hmmm, more like free music searches from an original music library - so it's better in several ways.  You can use your demo budget to work with great original music houses and also lean on us as well if you're in a pinch, but either way without having to pay a demo fee.  If you have already spent your demo budget, use us instead of asking for a favor or having to go back to your account guy for more money.  So think of us like a 5th Beatle, an ace up your sleeve, or a really big back pocket!    


Q:  Will I be a "hero" if I use this library?    

A:  Very possibly.  Let's say it's a late night at the editor, and your client or your ECD makes some last minute changes to the music direction or wants other options by the morning.  Bam, break out The Union Music Library and make some dinner reservations. Moreover, because it's a union library, you will likely be labeled an "all-american hero" as well.       


Q:   We love this music - can you do it "non-union"?

A:  No, all our work can be purchased or licensed and the requisite union contracts need to be filed.


Q: We want to support hard-working composers, singers and musicians, but doesn't "union" mean more expensive

A:  Not necessarily, it depends on a number of factors like the size of the media buy, the number of units on the contract, vocals vs. no-vocals, and how long (how many "cycles") the spot will run.  That said, it is more expensive than stock music, but still way less expensive than licensing a song from a record label or music publisher. 


Q: I am a union signatory agency, but we "get around" the union rules by saying it was "produced in London" or simply pushing the music houses to "do it non-union" as a buyout - why should we potentially pay more for union music tracks when we can get it non-union - it's not like we're going to get picketed?   

A:     Yes, all that is true.  That said, just because ad agencies are able to "break" the unions down and get around the rules without penalty doesn't mean there haven't been major repercussions for our industry.  A huge reason why so many music houses have closed and/or struggled is because they have absolutely no clout when it comes to working with ad agencies.  The repercussions have been so many talented people have simply left the biz because their work has been devalued and even the most talented composers, singers and sessions players cannot compete in our industry anymore without taking a major haircut to their earnings.  We value this pool of creative talent and their work and we want them to be able to continue to rely on our advertising industry for their livelihood.     


Q: Why is the whole union thing even important

A: Because they ensure that the playing field is level for the little guys.  Big agencies and big brands can lean on them and certainly drive a hard bargain as they have, but keeping a music job union ensures that the composers, engineers, producers and musicians who make it all happen can get the basics like health insurance and dental insurance for themselves and families, cancer care protection, disability, life insurance, pensions, and decent group discounts on home insurance and mortgage . . . same as most of you get from your advertising agencies . . .  this is what the union means to our people and the talent you rely on to ensure your creative outcomes are awesome and your clients are happy.


Q: How does this library differ than all the other ones out there

A:  We differ in that we have the crown jewels.  The music tracks that each of our composers have been holding back in the hopes of finding a union job on which it can go final.  Although many composers give their old or tired tracks over to production music libraries, they almost always keep their very best tracks in their back pockets.  We wanted to create a safe place that valued these gems and got them into the right hands.  That is why we don't have 10,000 tracks and have chosen to cherry pick the very best of our composers libraries.  Quality over quantity where the music and music-makers are valued.


Q: Aren't you guys kind of on a soap box here trying to put the genie back in the bottle and turn back the clock to the way things used to be so your composers can make more money?  Industries change, people lose out - not my problem.   

A:  Most definitely, we want our composers to win and make a fair wage for their talent.  We created this company to highlight their best work and hope you find the same value in it for your clients as we do.      


Q: Will I be considered "cooler" if I use union music

A:  Most definitely. 


Q: Will I be labeled "un-American" if I use non-union music and my agency is a union signatory

A:  No, your client will be.


Q: Do you have kitchy, cool, all-american t-shirts I get if I sync a track from your library so I can show all my friends that I am PRO-UNION

A:  YES!!!!  (see below)

Q: Do you have your own commemorative coin set? 

A:  Sadly, we do not . . . but if we did, it would look like this: